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Inner Sage Massage


Welcome to Inner Sage Massage

Your Healing Oasis

Hi, I’m Sarah Gleason and I’m a certified massage therapist and Conscious Transformation Energy Practitioner in Denver, Colorado.


I’ve been practicing massage since 1999. I feel blessed to be able to incorporate my desire to facilitate the healing of others with my desire to continuously learn about the human body, mind, and spirit. My aim is to help my clients to find this mind, body, and spirit connection within themselves, so that they can give their best to the world. There is nothing that brings me more satisfaction than to see the transformation that happens on my table and in my clients’ lives!

My Clients

I'm Here To Facilitate Your Healing

My ideal clients recognize that they need a lifestyle change in terms of improving their health. They’re ready for this change and they are willing to take an active part in it.  Often, the only way to change unhealthy patterns or manage pain is by committing to a massage routine.  Transformation only happens if you’re ready to receive healing. 

If you are living with chronic pain, or if you simply need to relax and refresh, I would love to meet you! Don't forget to ask for the web discount, and you will  receive

$15 off your first treatment!

My Services

I offer Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger-Point Therapy, Aromatherapy, Pre-Natal Massage, and Craniosacral Treatment. Everyone has a different need, and you may find that your body needs a different treatment based on your physical activities, your life stage and other factors. However, based on your goals and preferences, I usually combine multiple techniques to create a truly personalized treatment.

InnerSage Massage Craniosacral
Innersage Massage Elbow Technique
Innersage Massage Sports Massage
InnerSage Massage Foot Massage
Innersage Massage Trigger Point
InnerSage Massage Knuckle Technique

"I came to see Sarah for the first time with extreme pain in my neck and shoulder. It had gotten so bad, it was interrupting my sleep and my life in general. I had been to my chiropractor, but I was not getting results. I doubted massage could help, but I was willing to try anything. After a few sessions with Sarah, my pain went away. She warned me that since it is a structural issue, I will probably need regular massage to keep the pain from returning... I took her advice, and I am now on a regular schedule. Added bonus, it's really relaxing! I often fall asleep during the session!"

Will F., massage client

Conscious Transformation Energy Sessions

I picked up Conscious Transformation Energy Practice a few years ago, because I found that it complements my massage services in a way that it connects the body, mind and spirit.


Conscious Transformation Energy Sessions (CTES) are designed to balance the body’s natural energy physiology, creating deep relaxation and de-stress. I will work with your internal energy so you can also experience a higher level of awareness.

Energy sessions in my Denver, Colorado location are available as an add-on to my massage sessions as well. 

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