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Before Your First Appointment

Things To Remember

Before your first visit with me, there are a few things I like people to know about massage and my approach to treatment. 


  • You will be asked to undress before getting onto the massage table. Please only undress to your degree of comfort, but keep in mind that your body, aside from the part currently being worked on, will be completely covered. THERE WILL BE NO SENSUAL OR SEXUAL ASPECTS TO THE TREATMENT. NO SEXUAL ADVANCES OR REQUESTS WILL BE TOLERATED.

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment begins, if this will be your first appointment, to allow time to fill out the intake form. In order to asses your needs and hear all requests or concerns, we will also have a quick consultation before beginning. This allows me to construct a treatment and approach that incorporates your goals and requests. Typically, I combine multiple techniques and treatments to help you achieve your goals. Please be sure to alert me of any special needs you may have or if you are currently pregnant, prior to the day of your appointment.

  • Drink plenty of water before and after your appointment.


Before you arrive, please print and fill out the appropriate form(s)

COVID19 Form

Liability Form


Massage Form

  • Avoid exercising immediately after your appointment. To best feel the effects of your treatment, refrain from any intense exercise for the remainder of the day, and if you are receiving deep tissue massage, know that you may not be ready for vigorous exercise the day after. If you will be engaging in strenuous exercise or an athletic event the day after the treatment, please let me know, so we can focus on sports massage as opposed to deep tissue. A deep tissue massage may make your muscles too loose to perform safely and correctly. If you need deep tissue therapy, it is recommended to receive this treatment about 3 days before the event.

  • Please understand, if you arrive late to your appointment, it may not be possible to receive the full amount of time requested.

  • For the health of other clients and myself, please call and cancel your appointment ahead of time if you feel you are sick or could be getting sick. Massage can often jump-start an illness, and while this may push it through your system faster, you will feel worse immediately following the appointment and possibly infect others in the process. However, after contagions have subsided, a massage can help the illness to leave your system faster than if you do not receive massage.

  • If your appointment happens to fall on a day of bad weather or illness, you may cancel on the same day. Otherwise, please adhere to the 24 hour cancellation policy. You will receive a confirmation for your appointment time the day prior, so please alert me then, if you must cancel for any other reason. 

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